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A Yelp in the Night

One night not too long ago, one of our sons came crashing into our room late at night. He had just heard yelping in our yard and was concerned about our dogs' safety. (We knew predators had visited us at least twice before.)

We rushed outside, armed and hopefully ready for whatever we'd encounter. Our dogs were okay! However, they were frantically running around - barking, sniffing, and marking territory. We might as well have been trees the way they (pretty much) ignored us. They were on a mission!

On the other hand, when the sheep saw us, they started baa-ing ...LOUDLY! They might as well have been yelling to all nearby predators to "come one, come all!"

Things like this explain why it is said that sheep are "dense". They had to have been totally unaware of or unconcerned about the dangers out there. All they were wondering at the time was if we were going to give them something yummy. In addition, I seriously doubt they were grateful that we and the dogs were up late at night patrolling to protect them.

I like being able to be like a sheep, not worrying about all the dangers lurking, but this reminds me to be grateful to my Shepherd and those He sends/provides to protect me and my loved ones!

P.S. - That night, or it might have been one of the following nights, a predator did do a little damage to the back sides and one neck of two of our youngest lambs. Thankfully they are healing, seem very healthy, and are growing quite nicely.

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