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New additions

So... we added a kitten to our farm the day before Buddy "wouldn't wake up." In our grief, we then picked up the kitten's brother as well as TWO livestock guard pups.

In the same way Princess was Buddy's cat, these two kittens were the pups'. The dogs stood back to let the kittens eat their (big) puppy food, in the same way Buddy let Princess have access to his food. [I guess I should say the dogs belonged to the cats!] In the below photo, the kittens are curled up against one of the pups (Lily), like Princess would do with Buddy.

kittens napping with Lily

Apparently, the more gentle of the 2 kittens was too trusting around one of our house pet dogs.... Some dogs and cats cannot be friends in this world. We look forward to a world with no more tears.

We miss your tiny meow, Coco!


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