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It is so much fun to look out and see animals roaming in our yard. And, we love watching how they interact with each other. Perhaps the most amazing thing we've seen lately is Buddy (a Big Dog) putting Princess's (a Little Cat) head in his mouth - all the way in his mouth. This may happen daily, or even multiple times a day!

So... a barn cat. who's lived on her own for years. outside. sometimes scavenging for food. always escaping predators. all of her life. WILL JUST SIT THERE and allow a humongous dog to put her whole neck and head in his jaws - not to mention the large, slobbery mess he leaves on her fur!

If Buddy plays too roughly, Princess will hiss and move away from him, but early in the morning we'll see her nestled up against him. That could be how she spends each and every night for all we know. Seeing how they've bonded helps me picture how the wolf will dwell with the lamb some day! (Isaiah 11:6)

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