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That Great Shepherd

Hebrews 13:20 calls Jesus "that great Shepherd of the sheep." This analogy is so much more meaningful to us now that we've experienced caring for sheep. As shepherds, we provide food for our flock. We rotate them from field to field to reduce their chances of getting a high parasite load. We also give them natural remedies, like baking soda to prevent bloat. We guide them to a more protected field, that has a shelter we built for them, at nights when the threat of predators is the greatest. They don't understand why we do any of those things; they simply react. We have provided a guard dog to protect them even further. (When Buddy - who is now about the same size as the sheep - barks at possible danger, the sheep scurry as far away from where he's barking as possible. It's still so amazing to me to see them all naturally do this, without having to be taught.) In addition, we check on them daily. Jesus, however, goes one step farther and reminds us He is with us always!

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