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Each of us are given the talents needed to fulfill our purposes.

In my last blog, I spoke of how we specifically picked Buddy to be our livestock guardian dog. That's his main purpose on this farm. From all my Google research, I assumed he would instinctively know how to guard the sheep (and goats) - at least once he reaches his adult size.

However, I didn't realize he would also instinctively know how to herd them! He's done it a few times now, AS A PUPPY. At first, we thought it was just a coincidence, but it's becoming more and move evident that he's shepherding them where we want them to go, on purpose! He's somehow figured out how to read us (to know, in all of our ineffectiveness, where we are trying to get the animals to go) AND how to get the animals to go there. He will get their attention and then run, weaving back and forth, until he gets them into the right area.

We don't know how to teach that, and yet, he already knows how to do it! It's amazing how God programs (and/or gives talents to) each one of His creatures and enables them to do what they are made to do!

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