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Amusing lessons we've learned about our sheep

It has been so much fun watching and learning more about our sheep. I know we will be saying good-bye to them eventually, but I can't help seeing these creatures as darling pets too. I just don't know how to not love them and think they are cute (and quite hilarious at times).

Here are a few of the fun things we've learned about them so far:

#1 - They will gather near (and follow) any humans they think might feed them. [Even after they've sniffed my hands and found them empty, they still hope that I might have some food for them.]

#2 - If one sheep gets spooked, she can cause the whole lot of them to stampede off in any given direction.

#3 - When we leave the field (if they are not eating), they will sing us a baa-baa chorus at the gate until we are out of sight.

#4 - It's amazing to me how scared of being pet most of our sheep still are (seeing as how I personally take it on as a challenge sometimes to see how many I can pet when I visit them). Yet, when I dump food into their feeders, they have gone through my legs to get to it! Let that sink in for a second: They won't let my hand touch their sides, but they have pretty much knocked me off my feet onto their backs as if they wanted me to ride on them. {Suffice it to say, I can pet them all I want while their heads are in the feeders!}

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