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I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.
John 10:14 (KJV)

Sheep are often misunderstood.  They are often spoken of as being very dumb animals.  "Don't be a sheep" might be good advice for a friend who is being led astray even. But we all are like sheep, and we all have gone astray.  Have you ever wanted to find out more about sheep and these creatures that we are so often compared to?  We did.  So...we moved out to some acreage and started a sheep farm. 

Initially we thought we would just use them as 'lawn mowers,' and learn about them by watching.  However, as time passed, we expanded our operation to include both sheep breeding and sales.  We are always learning through this process and hope that our experiences can be an encouragement for others.


Our sheep are specially selected and bred in a way to avoid any type of inbreeding.  Our sheep are HAIR sheep, which shed, and are more hearty (resistant to parasites).  The breeds we built our initial flock with are Katahdin and Dorper.   

Our sheep are also free range, pasture grazing creatures.  They live a life of low stress, with plenty of yummy, all natural food to eat daily ...and Livestock Guard Dogs (LGDs) who help watch over them.


We began our sheep "collection" in 2017 when we moved from a very typical suburban home in McKinney to an older one with acreage.

Our starter flock was hand picked from four different farms in Texas.  (We went to those farms in person and talked to the owners....)

We have numerous farmer friends who have provided invaluable assistance and advice as we got started with our farm. 

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